Pavel Kozlov: From a Pro-Wrestler to a Famous Russian Actor

Pavel Kozlov is among a few successful names in American wrestling who have genuine Russian heritage and have gained popularity on the silver screen. The journey from a teenager to Pro-wrestler and now a famous Russian actor is not easy, and Pavel Kozlov would like to share that experience with the world. He wants to become an embodiment of hope and inspiration for the ones struggling through life and show them that hard work, passion, and commitment will lead them to where they want themselves.

Striking the Passion for Wrestling

Pavel Kozlov is the only child of parents who are both professors at Moscow University. As a child, nobody expected his life to turn out the way it did, as he would follow his parent’s academic footsteps. Before he became a wrestler and famous Russian actor, he had to go through significant life challenges.

When he was 13 years old, Pavel lost his father, which was a significant blow to his life and took quite a toll on him. To get away from the grief of losing his father, he resorted toward his newfound passion: Professional wrestling. During his teenage period, he found out that his interest in the sport and wanted to train. At that time, wrestling did not exist in Russia, with only a few broadcasts of WWE translated in Russian on air. Kozlov found a way to train himself and started to record VHS tapes of shows to watch later and learn the maneuvers. His interest in the sport grew with time, and he decided to become a wrestler himself.

Alongside his interest in sport, he continued his education and pursued his degree in journalism. He soon got a job and started his career as a journalist. However, his interest soon re-emerged, and to fulfill that he took a big decision in life. He quit his job, left Russia, and moved to the USA to start training. Here he struggled hard and worked as a dishwasher in several local restaurants while training in WWA4. This was where he began his wrestling career and participated in various independent circuits throughout North Carolina and Georgia. After a brief period, he enrolled in Team 3D Academy in Florida, where he soon got multiple opportunities to display his skills. In 2007, he also enrolled in Playhouse West in North Hollywood to start his training as an actor and soon became a famous Russian actor to land roles in popular TV shows like Black Lightning and MacGyver.

After enrolling in Team 3D academy, he soon had various opportunities, this was where his lifelong dream came true, and the character of Victor Romanoff was born. The history behind the character was the typical stereotype of Russians as evil, and Pavel used that to his advantage. His wrestling gimmick made an image for him that made him a famous Russian actor of villainous portrayals.

Dedication and Commitment

Since his teenage years, Pavel Kozlov struggled and dedicated himself to fulfilling his dreams. Whether his time as a professional wrestler or famous Russian actor, Kozlov remained committed towards his goal. Even with no friends or family in the USA, his commitment made him fluent in English and eventually led him to become a pro wrestler.

He always jumps on opportunities to learn something new to continue improving his skills. He is still ready to gain experience from working with other athletes and actors. With his training in wrestling, he is now in his prime to take on all sorts of roles and establish himself as a famous Russian actor. He understands that he needs every possible opportunity to improve his skills and training.

What His Future Holds?

Pavel Kozlov has come a long way since his day s back in Moscow, and when he thinks about that time, he realizes his body was far from that of professional wrestlers. With his commitment, he showed the world that nothing is impossible if we set our minds towards our goals. As he became a professional wrestler, he started to set his sights on Hollywood and now aims to become a famous Russian actor with leading roles.

He is set to become the next “Bad Guy” in Hollywood and has proven that constant improvement is the key to success. Currently, he trains alongside legend Gokor Chivichyan and his son Arthur at Hayastan MMA training center while honing his acting skills.