Nine Line is a USA-made apparel company whose mission is to bring back a sense of national pride and patriotism to a country that is politically divided. As a lifestyle brand, Nine Line Apparel strives to unite all Americans in brotherhood as patriots under one flag. This give-back organization also prides itself on raising awareness and helping other organizations in need, such as first responders and military charities.

As a company founded by patriots for patriots, it is determined to ensure the survival of liberty and true American values. It symbolizes its name from the distress call that echoes throughout a battlefield to protect the nation’s soldiers. In that same spirit, Nine Line strives to carry out its mission of being proudly patriotic through grit and prowess.

In embodying everything that Nine Line Apparel stands for, actor and professional wrestler Pavel Kozlov has teamed up with the company to support its values and clothing.

After being born to two Russian parents in Moscow as an only child, Pavel found his calling after seeing American wrestling on television. From there, he was inspired to learn how to fight and chase after his dreams. In believing that nothing was impossible, Pavel decided to move to America thirteen years ago even though many challenges lay before him. He left everything behind in Russia to pursue a better life with no friends, no relatives, and no fluency in English. All he had was his determination and the knowledge that in America, he could make it.

Despite those obstacles, America was truly the one country in the world that provided him a land of opportunity to work hard and succeed. As a self-made man, America gave him the opportunity to become a pro-wrestler and athlete, an accomplished actor, and business owner. The ability for him to realize the ultimate American dream led him to become a proud USA citizen and embrace America as his home. It was the land of true freedom, opportunity, hard work, and sacrifice that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

In Pavel’s larger-than-life pursuits, he has since proudly supported America’s law enforcement, firefighters, the military, and all the heroes that sacrifice to keep the brotherhood alive. America would not nearly be as free or as strong without and Pavel passionately stands behind them.

Through his fierce love and appreciation for America, Pavel could not be prouder to partner with Nine Line Apparel and represent their values through their high-quality clothing. He firmly stands for patriotism and could not be happier to be a US citizen. Whether as an actor, wrestler, or business owner, Pavel’s fighting spirit ensures that he never gives up in his journey of success.

With that spirit, he is more than excited to collaborate with Nine Line to reinvigorate true American values and a sense of strength and unity for the American people.